What is the Reselller Halal Travel Alliance?

Reseller Halal Travel Alliance is a party that re-markets halal tourism products. Both from one industry player and to other halal tourism industry.

What are the conditions for becoming a Reseller?

All halal tourism industry actors fulfill the need for halal tourism and have joined the Halal Travel Alliance.

What about transactions in the Halal Travel Alliance?

Transactions are very easy. Simply transact through a website that is all equipped with products, product package period, time of departure, halal tour package prices. If you have trouble you can do "special request" to our team.

What are the advantages of being a Reseller Halal Travel Alliance?

1. It's easy to make transactions with prospective buyers because the website is equipped with an API (Application Program Interface)
2. The API on the website helps you to sell "whitelabel", which is a sale whose label identity is hidden from the parent company.
3. With the "white label" you will easily market any halal tourism products and wherever they are according to the wishes of prospective buyers.

Do we get trial access first?

Yes, you get a "Free Trial" facility without any fees and just enter your e-mail address.

Are all products served safe?

All our products make sure they are safe and have fulfilled the prerequisites. We from the Halal Travel Alliance team will also carefully and carefully check each of the products listed.

Does Halal Travel Alliance have official permission?

Halal Travel Alliance is under the auspices of PT. Sarana Widya Wisata which has been officially established since 2015. The company has a Travel Bureau (BPW) permit. Besides that, Halal Travel Alliance is included in the members of the Sofyan Group.

Are there sample product packages from the Halal Travel Alliance?

You can easily see the 2 examples above

How About The Revenue?

Vendor :

Vendor Profits from the Net

Reseller :

Resellers will get 70 percent of profits

Halal Travel Alliance

Resellers will get 70 percent of profits