Our Backgrounds

Halal tourism trend start to develop as well increasing moslem population in this world. Halal tourism always being conversation for all industry players or world tourist itself. On fact, the existence of halal tourism is not only interested by Moslem population but also by non Moslem population. They feel comfortable, cozy, and pleasant with halal tourism. Even, halal tourism trend being interested phenomena like the data say from PEW Research that moslem population is the largest in the world reaching 1,7 billions. For next, the country which have non moslem population being the main target to develop this touris. They are like Japan, China, and Korea.
Based on the data from Thomson Reuters Global Islamic Economic Report 2017/2018 that consumption of Moslem get the sixth rank. They come from many sectors like food and beverage, tourism, apparels, pharmacy, recreation, and cosmetics with the amount US $ 2 billions or 11,9% from population consumption of the world. Then, prediction in 2020, spending of moslem tourists will reach 200 billion dollars. In 2021, spending of moslem tourists who go abroad, will be on reach US$243 billions. This prediction because in 2020 moslem tourist will increase as many 180 millions. As for the rate of growth forecast 9.08% since 2014. Besides that, moslem population in this world could be predicted 26,5 % in 2030.
The existence of great oppurtinity makes all countries in this world develop halal tourism that they think this is a “sexy” business. Halal tourism business is easy to find. Like we see from culinary, travel agent, restaurant, even hotels. The business concept of halal tourism is usually based focus on how to give service which oriented to consumer needs.
Some phenomena of halal tourism that there are halal certified of restaurant, mosques, swimming pool ( man and woman is different) until destination agenda based on certain time.
Indonesia in here, being a potential country also to develop the halal tourism business. Based on data “ Indonesia Foreign Exchanges Earning Ranking 2016” explained that contribution tourism to foreign exchange as the second contributor. So that, government really support in order that Indonesia can be the target of halal tourism in this world. Meanwhile, hala tourism in Indonesia is set by Dewan Syariah Nasional Majelis Ulama Indonesia (DSN MUI) based on Guidelines of Organizing Tourism Based on Syariah Principle Number 108/DSN-MUI/X/2016.
Unfortunately, not all the people know how to get hala tourism information. This reason is one of the existence of Hala Travel Alliance as the first digital information database in Indonesia which the function for world. Halal Travel Alliance want to give attention with the purpose to increase knowledge the important of halal tourism. So that the tourist get information about packages well.

Who We Are

Halal Travel Alliance is a marketplace to easy halal turism players and as database information about halal tourism. Halal Travel Alliance facilitate all the halal tourism players to do cross selling activity. Cross selling activity will help all the players to increase the profit.

Why Us

1. Halal Travel Alliance is the first digital alliance to support all the halal tourism players to have good cooperation include promotion as well as selling packages and hala tourism service 2. Halal Travel Alliance facilitates to expand the business 3. Halal Travel Alliance is the only one database to collect all information about halal culinary, halal tourism attraction, and serve the best experience destination. 4. Halal Travel Alliance approves family friendly and halal tourism position